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About Pahal

PAHAL is a voluntary organisation promoted by like minded educationists ,doctors, experts to bring a progressive change in the existing social setup.

Who we are

PAHAL is a voluntary organization promoted by like-minded Educationists, Doctors, Legal experts, Technocrats, Dynamic entrepreneurs, enthusiastic students and effervescent youth to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up. It is an Endeavour for a better tomorrow. PAHAL expresses the essence of living and upholds the need to appreciate the other man’s point of view and to show consideration for fellow human beings. It also holds that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

Areas of Action

As one of the leading NGO’s in india and Largest functional NGO in Punjab, we undertake the most important and challenging Issues,Problems Facing Our Youth ,Society in Today’s World like
  • Empowering Youth
  • Health
  • Educational Support
  • Literacy
  • Blood Donation
  • Network Of Youth
  • Youth Employment
  • Awareness Programs
How it all Started
Considering all the dimensions and the features of the age, ‘PAHAL’ (initiative) named voluntary non-governmental organization was launched in Sept.1996. It got registered on 6th September 1996 under Societies Registration Act 1860. It was inaugurated on 13th of Sept.1996, after organizing its first activity, a Blood Donation Camp on 12.09.96.

Since the day of its inception, it started helping the needy voluntarily at different levels. In the first year its main activities were blood donation in emergency, environmental awareness, tree plantation and work camping. During this time ‘PAHAL’ got registered under section 12 A of Income Tax Act as charitable society. In the same year it was registered under section 80 G vide commissioner income tax on 11.08.97.

First Event
On Sept. 6th, 1997 PAHAL has organized Declamation contest, Poetical recitation contest, Slogan writing contest and painting contest. 23 colleges of Doaba Region Punjab state participated in these competitions. On 14th of Sept. 1997, ‘PAHAL’ celebrated its first anniversary and Commissioner Linguistic Minorities India presided over the function.

After one year of its service PAHAL published its first Souvenir 1997-98. The souvenir was widely circulated among industrial institutions, Governmental and Non-Governmental departments, educational institutions, state and central ministries and foreign institutions in India. The souvenir got over whelming response from all quarters.

On 1st of Oct.1997 ‘PAHAL’ organized a seminar on blood donation that followed by a blood donation camp on the eve of ‘World Blood Donation Day’. On Dec. 4th ‘PAHAL’ organized one day medical check up camp. 12 Doctors of various specialization offered their services and they examined about 1000 persons in the day.


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