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Disaster Management and First Aid training Program

The afternoon of 29th May, 2011 saw the final evaluation and concluding session of the ‘First Aid and Disaster Management Training’ Programme organised by PAHAL, at DAV College of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, for the staff and students. The ten day programme held in collaboration with the Red Cross Society of India and St. John’s Ambulance Society India was an endeavor by PAHAL to create prepared, educated and holistic citizens who are capable of helping not only themselves but others too in a situation of crisis .

The afternoon began with Prof. Lakhbir Singh addressing the participants to gain feedback and suggestions about the programme. He talked about the different ways in which this programme had affected the students and their way of thinking regarding disaster management and training. Next, the participants of the programme took a 30 min evaluation test to check the knowledge they have gained throughout the ten days. After the test the official ceremony began and the guests were invited.

After this, took place the distribution of certificates where all the participants who had attended the programme and had been trained in the ten days of the programme were given certificates from PAHAL proclaiming that they were now educated and trained in the field. PAHAL had organised this training programme with a lot of passion to help the participants develop as holistic personalities. The positive feedback we received from Dr. Shikha Sinha, DAV lecturer, Sukhmani and Prabhjot (interns) and Navneet (student BPT- 3rd year), who came and talked about how the programme had made them more confident and informed, was acknowledged and highly appreciated by the team of PAHAL and the other audience members

Further down the road, Dr. Rajkumar Sharma, Principal DAV Ayurvedic College and Dr. Satish Sharma Principal DAV and the Chief Guest for the day; both came to the podium and spoke a few words about the issues faced by society, the importance of disaster management training, the efforts of PAHAL especially Prof. Lakhbir Singh, the integrated programme conducted and the participation of all those who had attended. Both of them commended the programme and congratulated PAHAL for the good work done.Finally, it was time to facilitate the guests and Prof. Lakhbir Singh, President PAHAL, facilitated all the guests including Mr. Dhanota, The Head Trainer of the Programme and the guest delegate, as a token of appreciation for their encouragement and support of this course. Concluding the function, Dr. Jagdish Kaur Wadia, Vice- President PAHAL gave the final vote of thanks and promised that the training programme would be back in a few months for the next batch of students

The Head Trainer of the Programme Recieving token of appreciation.


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