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National Child Labour Project

In pursuance of the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 and the National Child Labour Policy, 1987 the Ministry of Labour and Employment has been implementing the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) Scheme, which is a project based action programme. The scheme provides for setting up of project societies at the district level under the Chairmanship of the Collector/ District Magistrates for overseeing the implementation of the project which aims at withdrawing and rehabilitating children working in identified hazardous occupations and processes through special schools and finally mainstreaming them to the formal education system. Apart from providing education and vocational training these special schools provides nutritious meals, health care & monthly stipend as supplementary income. Under the Scheme 4002 schools has been sanctioned in 100 NCLPs during the Ninth Plan and it is expected to increase to 10,000 schools during the 10th Plan. So far 4, 00,200 working children have been covered under the scheme. About 3.08 lakhs children have been mainstreamed into formal education system so far.

Role of PAHAL

PAHAL has started this project on April 2010 which will be completed on March 2013. District labour department under the guidance of assistant labour commissioner interested upon PAHAL to start a NCLP special school in north Jalandhar. PAHAL agreed and initiated the project in session 2010-11.As per the guidelines three normal teachers, one vocational teacher and on assistant/helper appointed for the purpose. With the hard work, staff enrolled 50 students, 28 girls and 22 boys from the various factories, slums, rag picking areas, and houses. During the some days KIRAT BHAWAN got renovated and brought to shape for landing the project. Projec initiated in the month of April 2010.

It was hard to make the kids to sit as they were habitual to roaming all the days but the hard work of the teachers, the involvement of PAHAL members and input of various individual and agencies, school got its normal shape. PAHAL appointed a dance teacher additional to the staff inducted under the guidelines. In addition to teaching, they taught regular training, classical, semi classical, and folk dance.

During the last one and a half year, these students performed at different time in the school premises. They performed at Kirpal Sagar Academy Rahon, Saheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, in Red Cross Bhavan and so many other places. Now these students are able to communicate normally with all masses. They are able to perform at any stage. They have transformed their lifestyle, behavioural, cultural and social outlook and improved academically. There is worth mentioning transformation in the personality of these students of this school.

Staffing Patterns

In this special school, 50 children are getting education. There are 3 educational instructors one vocational teacher and one peon/helper. In addition to the above, the scheme also provides for one Master Trainer at the district level and one Doctor for every 20 special schools. In order to restore the children’s childhoods, the schools incorporate many extra-curricular activities into their curricula. Along with blackboard teaching and learning is an interactive process in these schools. “We encourage students to sing and dance and also take part in drama. This helps them to bury their trauma and increases their self-confidence,” says a teacher.

Achievements of This Project
Activity Pics

Objectives of Project

projectThe National Child Labour Policy was formulated with the basic objective of suitably rehabilitating the children withdrawn from employment and to reduce the incidence of child labour in areas where there is a known concentration of child labour. The policy consists of three main ingredients:



(a) Legal Action Plan – Emphasis will be laid on strict and effective enforcement of legal provisions relating to child labour under various labour laws.

(b) Focusing of general development programmes – Utilisation of various on-going development programmes of other Ministries/Departments for the benefit of child labour wherever possible.

(c) Project based plan of Action-Launching of projects for the welfare of working children in areas of high concentration of child labour.

PAHAL organized a special function in National Child Labour Project school at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Colony here in Jalandhar Prof. Lakhbir Singh President ‘PAHAL’ said on this occasion that multi faced efforts are required for Social-economic development: of deprived sector of Indian Society, only isolated schemes are sufficient to make a dent in the present Scene of illiterate poor masses. He added that synergic efforts jointly by Govt. sector as well as by social, religious and voluntary agencies can make positive change.

Mr. Avtar Singh field officer explained about the union Govt. of India’s vision of NCLP. In this function ‘PAHAL’ honoured Mr. Rakesh Jain of Sungrace Uniform, Mr. Kulbhushan Aggarwal of Satpal and Sons, Mr. Manu Pathania of Shoe Corporation for contributing pullovers, Uniforms and Shoes worth Rupees One Lac and also honoured Mr. Manjit Kaur NRI from Italy and Mr. Kartar Singh from Kuwait for contributing for the renovation of Kirat Bhawan in which NCLP school in hosted.

Among others there were Avtar Singh and Mrs. Seema Field Officer Labour Deptt. Mr. Harvinder Kaur, Manjit Kaur, Surinderjit Kaur, Mrs. Sarita Sharma, Ms. Amita Pathania, Ms. Deepika, Ms. Mamta, Ms. Nidhi all members PAHAL. The school teachers Ms. Kamaljeet Kaur, Ms Usha Rani, Ms Anju Narang and Mrs. Sarita made efforts for the success.

Mr. Manu Pathania of Shoe Corporation contributing pullovers, Uniforms and Shoes

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