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PAHAL pursuing its campaign in Health, Education and Environment focused the menace of Fireworks/krackes and duplicate sweets. It hold awareness functions in various on the topic SAY NO TO CRACKERS. Today its president and members organised its current campaign from Govt Girls Sr. Sec School Nehru Garden Jalandhar. On the spot six students expressed their concern and said words with deep commitment.Miss Preeti Bala said that She wont allow her parents to buy crackers and duplicate sweets. Miss Sanjna said that it horrible that there is duplicate Cheese .It ironically will effect our smiles.

Miss Ranjeet got frightened to know the devastating disaster by fireworks to the health/ environment and economy. Miss Chitra Sharma paid tribute to the people died due to crackers and appealed the fellows to stop for life sake all the young enthusiastic girls were given appreciation certificates. Prof. Lakhbir singh said That no doubt it is festival of happiness and prosperity, but a large number of families are being ruined on this very day by loosing their dear family members due to accidents and a lot becoming handicapped.

He added that Deewali crackers badly effects reptiles, dogs, cats. It disturbs senior citizens and Innocent Children also He refereed to A study by NGO Toxics Link has found significant quantity of poisonous heavy metals like lead and cadmium in the composition of firecrackers. The fumes contain oxides of sulphur, phosphorous, nitrogen and carbon, which are highly harmful, it says. “The oxides come into contact with moisture while passing from nostrils to the lungs and form acids, which cause immense damage to the body. He distribute Papaya and neem saplings to the willing persons. Coming days PAHAL will organize such function s in Aims Public School Geeta Colony, Little India Public School Geeta Colony, Malhotra Public School kabir nagar, GOVT GIRLS SR SEC SCHOOL LADOWALI ROAD. they ALSO ARRANGE SOME FUNCTION IN dist Kaputhala.

Professor Lakhbir Singh interacting with students in his own style


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