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World Environment Day 2011

05 June has been decided as the ‘World Environment Day’ by the United Nations to create awareness about, promote the cause and give it its rightful attention. The year 2011, the celebrations the day were allotted to be hosted by India with the motto- ‘Nature and Forests- At Your Service’, which the day even more special. PAHAL decided to be a part of this celebration like every other year and organised a function in the DAV playgrounds with the collaboration of DAV College Jalandhar.

The function began in the evening around 6pm with the ceremony of ‘Tree Plantation’. Saplings provided by PAHAL were planted by everyone present in the playgrounds as they joined hands for the good cause. Meanwhile, Prof Lakhbir Singh welcomed Mr. Sucha Ram Ladhar (IAS), Divisional Commissioner Jalandhar and the Chief Guest for the day accompanied by Sh. Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal and Sh. Sant Baba Daya Singh Tahlisahib wale; who all also joined the rests of the attendees and planted and watered the saplings.

The function now began, hosted by Mr. Liakatbir Singh, member PAHAL who invited Prof. Lakhbir Singh on the stage to talk about the need for the function to be held and the environment crisis that the world is facing today. Prof. Singh talked about the importance of the cause and the day and the need to give importance of the issue. He encouraged all present to not just talk about the issues everybody knew about but to actually stand up and take charge before it was too late. He talked about the work PAHAL had been doing and that those interested can become associated with the organisation to contribute to the cause. He then invited the special guest for the day, Sh. Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal to talk about his thoughts on the issue.

Sh. Sant Babaji talked about the importance of preserving our environment and the surroundings we leave in. He also emphasized on water management and sanitation and the work PAHAL had done regarding the local ‘nala’. He was followed by Mr. Sucha Ram Ladhar who appreciated the efforts behind the programme. He also talked about the attitude of the people towards the cause, the increasing garbage on the streets and how the same people who don’t litter in foreign countries would ignore the fact in their own country.

After the inspiring, motivational and informative speeches, Mr. Liakatbir concluded the function by thanking all the attendees and guests and invited everybody to join them for the ‘Candle March’. The candle march was held from the DAV playgrounds to DAV Ayurvedic College as a ‘light of hope’ for a better and safer future.

Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal and Prof Lakhbir Singh Planting a sapling.


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