About 4 tonnes e-waste is manipulated in India only out of which about 50,000 tonnes is Imported from USA, Europe, South Korea & Australia. Almost all of it goes to the Seelampur market in New Delhi which is India’s largest illegal electronics dismantling, recycling and selling market. According to the present scenario, only about 3 % of the e-waste is responsibly recycled. All the other 97% is somehow dismantled and disposed off which deteriorates environment and poses a threat to health of human beings

PAHAL is fully aware that mobiles phones pose to be the biggest threat in the potential e-waste hazard on our planet. According to the available data, about 2.9 million mobile phone3s were sold in 2009. 314.7 million Units were sold in the first quarter of 2010 which is a huge 17% growth over 2009./ this growth increased further to 35% in the third quarter of 2010 when 417 million mobiles were sold. It is surprising that more than 70% OF India’s population owns a mobile phone.

PAHAL have organized E-waste take back campaigns under the NOKIA Planet Ke Rakhwale Program in about 170 schools all across Jalandhar district, from which a collection of about 1200 mobile phones has been done and promise to strengthen the campaign and spread it to minimum 1000 schools over the year 2013.

Youth Activist organization PAHAL organized an effective session on the eve of ‘World Climate Impact Day-2012’. In this session, about 1200 discarded mobile phones which were collected under the campaign of collecting electronic waste were stacked to create a logo of “350” signifying the role of the limit point of safe carbon emissions in the environment.

Logo of “350” created with electronic waste signifying the role of the limit point of safe carbon emissions in the environment.

Prof.lakhbir Singh ,Project co-coordinator Mr. Liakatbir Singh and other Active participants of this campaign, Mr. Sahil & Ms. Shilpi inspiring others to recycle the e-waste they produce in a responsible manner instead of throwing & harm environment.


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